Specializing In Coating Solutions To Protect Against Corrosion

We develop and manufacture corrosion protective coatings that shield against solvents, humidity, and salt. Our metal surface treatments include environmentally-friendly zinc flake basecoats, lubricated topcoats with controlled coefficient of friction, a superior zinc plating alternative, and complementary pretreatment specialty chemicals for enhanced performance and processing options. Our complete coating system is compatible with fasteners, rotors, clips, and a variety of ferrous metals. Our worldwide network of licensed applicators carry through the coating process with consistent quality and value for our end-users.

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Global Resources. Local Support.

NOF Metal Coatings Group is the leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of water based inorganic coating technology.

A partnership with our licensed applicators, the capabilities available at our two domestic facilities, and the collaboration between our global offices give you the advantage for innovative, high performance corrosion protection with local support.



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We support licensed coating facilities with approval of new coating lines, as well as technical assistance of our products and processes. Learn more >>

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The foundation of our business is the research and development of new compounds that offer high performance and future sustainability. Learn more >>

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Customized training seminars ensure applicators have complete understanding of the chemistry behind our anticorrosive metal coating systems. Learn more >>